Do It Yourself Tax Resolution- $199 review of tax account with IRS and advice on your best option to move forward!!!

Do you find dealing with the IRS frustrating, intimidating and time-consuming? You’re not alone.

While taxpayers may always represent themselves in front of the IRS, many turn to professional tax help (specialized and Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents) in order to maximize their chances of winning a tax settlement while minimizing their contact with IRS agents. Owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money is intimidating to most people. The IRS has the power to garnish your wages, seize your assets and place a lien on your property in order to obtain the money that you owe them. However, these actions can be prevented by communicating promptly with the IRS about your situation. The IRS is usually willing to work with taxpayers, and there are several options available so that you may resolve your debt issues. You may allow a Tax Professional to review your tax account with the IRS and give you a complete detail of your tax account, explaining what options you have and advising you on how to proceed in your best interest.
Many times, taxpayers can resolve their issues without paying outrageous fees. Call me to review your account and advise you with your best strategy! Should you decide to not continue alone, I will reduce your total fee by the $199 review fee!